An Ode to My Polar Bottle


Red (Le Hubs') - Green (mine)

Polar Bottle, how do I love thee, let me count the ways?

I love thee for your insulated sides that keep things cold

My constant workout companion and easy to hold

Your size options keep me well hydrated

Your 20oz fits my bike holder with lots of room to spare

You come in lots of colors especially my favorite green

The Polar Bottle is probably the best water bottle I have ever seen

Soon I hope to have a 24 oz to keep my love some company.

Pop you in the freezer and make you nice and chill

Your water spout is not a struggle to open like some others

If I am gone too long anything else would be too much of a bother

What did I ever do without you in my life oh dear Polar Bottle?

Corny and horribly written poem aside, I truly do love my Polar Bottle. I get really sad when it isn’t clean and I have to take something else. I didn’t have my own until last weekend and was always borrowing Le Hubs’ (much to his consternation) and now my new one is like my baby (and Hubs happy his is back). If you need a great water bottle I highly suggest getting one from Polar Bottle. Here is their website: I think one of their custom design ones might be in my future. Maybe. Shop around for I have seen them a bit cheaper in stores.

When I am not using my Polar for a workout I really enjoy my 24 ounce Tervis Tumbler but that is for another post. Do you have a favorite way to hydrate? Have you ever tried those Bobble bottles which are popular? They just seem so flimsy.

Not affiliated or sponsered, I just really love my Polar Bottle.


MyHealthScore Update

This was Monday’s post but it was being obstinant.

Alrighty, yesterday I let them poke and prod me at Life Time to determine myhealthscore. What they discovered was not that surprising but all together interesting.

My score was 60 out of 100 and about where I thought I would be. My hdl/ldls and all that jazz counted me off but was told it wasn’t major, just could be MUCH better.

My glucose levels were a little high, also something I was expecting. Once again, nothing in the dangerous levels but with proper diet, nutrition, exercise and due diligence could be hopefully rectified. If a great enough change is not seen in three months more in-depth testing will result to test thyroid and stuff like that.

My VO2 levels weren’t that great either and that was something I always thought was wonky. It has seemed for many years now that it took more effort than necessary to catch my breath and stuff like that. It was suggested I take a test to look deeper into my problems as this can be a hindrance to exercise and daily life. When funds come available it will be first on my list.

The biggest thing that counted me off nor was that big of a shocker was my body fat percentage. It is no secret that I am overweight and inmany places considered obese. This means a recommended lower carb diet, something I was working towards anyway. Now I am one of those crazies checking the back of the box and doing the math. Looking not at calories but carbs.

All and all, I know this is for the greater good and a LONG road is ahead of me to lose my hopeful 60 lbs. Already down like 5ish, which is a start.

Now I must force another 24+ ounces of water down my throat, joy.