Panic Attacks and the Cat Who Was Bitten

Back in January I mentioned that my sister’s cat was bitten by something and was taking some antibiotics for it. Well, the story continues.

All seemed to be going just fine and he seemed to be healing just fine. After two weeks he was back to himself or so we thought. Flash forward a few weeks and you find him acting lethargic and limping again.

Vet visit number two – we had already decided to take him in that day which is good because over night he developed a bloody hole around his hip. This visit resulted in a 6-inch incision and a fair amount of stitches. They had to go so far because there was a lot of dead tissue and it was their best hope.

Enter “cone of shame” round two. At this point all seemed well and we would just have to wait out the healing time. Oh no, Pash had other ideas. The next day around midday we noticed his eyes were cloudy. So the vet was called. He had us send him some pictures and it was determined it could wait to be looked at until tomorrow. Thankful, both, that it didn’t seem too serious and it wasn’t going to be necessary to go out in Blizzard of Oz Part II we went about our day.

Vet Visit Three: We ended up getting there pretty late in the day mostly because the driveway was a real pain to scoop thanks to the additional tenish inches we received/receiving. This resulted in poor little Pasha receiving three different tests trying to determine why his eyes were cloudy. All three were negative. We were giving eye drops and sent on our way. The cloudiness was completely clear the next day, so who knows what was up with that.

We got by pretty unscathed until Friday when it was discovered there was a tear in his stitches. We had plans to take him in anyway that day to remove the drainage tubes they placed to help remove all that gunk in the wound. We were told it was more or less expected and not to be concerned unless it gets bigger. Can you now guess what happened? Yep, it continually grew bigger. So looks like vet visit five (is that right?) is most likely in the works for today. Oh yay!

I have been an emotional wreck the last week. Insomnia, spells were I just can’t get warm and dry mouth. It seems that little fur ball found the fast track to panic attack major in me. Which really sucks because I had been relatively clear for like three or so months straight. Now the last week has been basically one long continual anxiety attack. Everything is completely and utterly screwed up because of it. Bah! It isn’t his fault, I am just a worrier. Deep breath!

I will let you know if anything changes or whatever in his condition. If you have the time could you say a little prayer or send out good vibes for him. That poor little guy has been through a lot.


Midwest Snow : Feb 21-22

So yep, we were one of the many who saw a foot plus of snow in the midwest the last few days.


Here is the Hubs scooping the driveway. (yes, he scooped sans coat because he is crazy). About the time he got done I brushed off the car, which just replaced the snow he had scooped. I felt do bad.

Since this was the most snow we had had in awhile I decided I would do something I hadn’t done in 15ish years; build a  snowman.

Snow wasn’t 100% perfect for snowmen, so they ended up more like snow animals…but I think they are better that way.


Yep, its a snowy owl (Hedwig) -unplanned- and a snow kitty (originally planned). They were so much fun.

Snowy Owl close-up


Snow Kitty close-up


I ended up pretty much completly covered in snow, but than again I was like knee deep in it.


Going to be warmish tomorrow, so we will see how that goes. There is even a possibilty of more snow late in the weekend. It seems winter has decided it is better late than never.

The Intense Stupidity of the Wall Hung Toilet

Whoever built this house had the “brilliant” idea to install wall hung toilets in both the bathrooms. Wall hung toilets are “popular” because they are easy to clean underneath. Okay, between you and me have you ever thought, “Hmm, I really wish I could clean under this toilet”? No, you probably have not. Why on earth did this stupid flipping things even get invented. It is a total waste of a toilet.

I am feeling especially annoyed by the wall hung right now because my 2013 was started off by me breaking one of the toilets in our house. It completely ripped itself off the wall and crashed to the ground. It seems it was installed too tightly or something and just finally gave out under the stress of people using it. The worst part of this whole fiasco was that I was flipping sitting on it when it happened. So now I have a toilet I can’t flush (and still haven’t – but that is for another time).

Why not replace it, you ask? You think I didn’t think of that? Replacing a wall hung toilet isn’t as simple as replacing a normal floor seated one. Oh, no, not at all. First off the price of one of the buggers is like twice or sometimes three times that of your normal toilet. Plus, you can’t just walk into any old place to find one. They are mostly done by special order and takes a lot of hemming and hawing to get one.

Having the house replumbed to fit a normal toilet is also too costly, so what is a girl to do? Right now we are searching the various Habitat for Humanity Restores around here hoping and praying they might have an old one for cheap. Something has got to happen. Living in a house where three people are sharing a tiny ass bathroom is about to make me want to jump off a bridge, especially because it means the only available bathroom is the Master bathroom.

There has got to be a solution out there that isn’t going to cost me an arm and leg. Anyone, Bueller? Anybody replacing their wall hung and don’t know what to do with their old? I am desperate for a solution and soon.

Journal-ific Thursday: Wreck This Journal

I am a journal obsessed person, so I knew I needed a copy of Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal. Here are just a few pages I have done so far.


Write One Word Over and Over I decided to write the word “Meow” and had a lot of fun with it as well. I especially love the words forming the cat head on the left hand side.


Make a Paper Chain The best part was designing the chain strips and experimenting with different combos. It gets more and more smushed the longer it I use the journal.


This Page is a Sign I knew I wanted my sign to say my new mantra to help remind me that there is so much more out there for me.



Bring This Book in the Shower This was the very first thing I did when I got my wreck this journal. It was different and very fun.


Sew This Page This page doesn’t read to me as quite finished but I like the current product, so here you got. Not entirely sure how I can advance this page but when I do I shall let you know.


Draw With Glue Glitter glue counts, right? This page is fun and glittery, what more can I say? I will share more pages coming soon. I am hoping to have my most recent tegulat journal done by next Thurdsay so that will probably be the topic next week.

MyHealthScore Update

This was Monday’s post but it was being obstinant.

Alrighty, yesterday I let them poke and prod me at Life Time to determine myhealthscore. What they discovered was not that surprising but all together interesting.

My score was 60 out of 100 and about where I thought I would be. My hdl/ldls and all that jazz counted me off but was told it wasn’t major, just could be MUCH better.

My glucose levels were a little high, also something I was expecting. Once again, nothing in the dangerous levels but with proper diet, nutrition, exercise and due diligence could be hopefully rectified. If a great enough change is not seen in three months more in-depth testing will result to test thyroid and stuff like that.

My VO2 levels weren’t that great either and that was something I always thought was wonky. It has seemed for many years now that it took more effort than necessary to catch my breath and stuff like that. It was suggested I take a test to look deeper into my problems as this can be a hindrance to exercise and daily life. When funds come available it will be first on my list.

The biggest thing that counted me off nor was that big of a shocker was my body fat percentage. It is no secret that I am overweight and inmany places considered obese. This means a recommended lower carb diet, something I was working towards anyway. Now I am one of those crazies checking the back of the box and doing the math. Looking not at calories but carbs.

All and all, I know this is for the greater good and a LONG road is ahead of me to lose my hopeful 60 lbs. Already down like 5ish, which is a start.

Now I must force another 24+ ounces of water down my throat, joy.

That Darn Cat and Other Health Related Things

One of the two cats (Pasha) that allow us to share a house with them is feeling a bit poorly. It seems his latest escape attempt found him in a scrap with another animal which ended up in him getting bit. When he returned he was lethargic, walking funny and just not generally himself. The vet said that the wound got infected and caused him to have a fever. They burst the absess and gave us a script for an antibiotic.

So now this silly little cat has to get icky pink stuff shot into his mouth twice daily. And to add insult to injury has to wear a cone of shame.



We will probably be taking him in for another gander at his regular vet sometime next week.
Tomorrow at 9am I am heading up to Lifetime to get what they call a MyHealthScore. Basically a
series of tests to see how my overall health is. I am not expecting to do so well and predicting a score of like maybe 70ish and if that. I guess onmy tomorrow can tell.

So Very Behind and Fiction Friday review: The Chocolate Castle Clue.

I am so very behind on my,blog posts right now, yep.

For Water Wednesday, I wanted to report I have been doing grand on hitting and often exceeded my 80 ounces. It is tough some days and my progress is effected by the type of vessal it is in. A few experiments has made me discover I like my water with a straw.
Here is one of my trackers because I thought you would want to see how I was doing such.


Man, I can’t seem to figure out how to rotate the picture on my phone, but you can get the point. I just put them in my journal and color the section as 24 ounces are consumed.

In other news, I really dislike the elliptical. I know it is a fine piece of gym equipment but I just could never get a comfortable stance on it. After some research it does seem it is a piece which is commonly found to not be friendly to someone who is well, short. When I get the chance I want to experience all the ellipitical types to maybe find one I don’t hate as much.

Now for the Fiction Friday part of this post. I recently finished “The Chocolate Castle Clue” by Joanna Carl.
I wish I would have known this book was so deep into a series but that didn’t take away or distract so it work out fine. The mystery here starts when Lee discovers an old trophy from her aunt’s high school days. An odd reaction from a grown woman to the trophy and the long since memories it brings up for Lee’s aunt’s high school singing group The Pier-o-ettes begins to unravel a 40+ year old mystery everyone but his widow as long since forgotten.
The elements of this cozy are pretty standard and Carl’s pace keeps the ball rolling which made this hard for me to put down. Some of clues and neccesary story points did come off a bit forced or clunky but that is not something unknown to anyone who reads a lot of cozys. Overall this book received 4 out of 5 stars and I am looking forward to started from the beginning when I get the time.

Currently Reading: Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins (yes, of Hunger Games fame. This is here first published novel.)