Fiction Friday Review and Other Ramblings

I recently finished Janet Evanovitch’s newest Plum novel”Notorious Nineteen” and I was pleasantly suprised by it. Yes, it had its Ranger/Morelli drama but it wasn’t as insane and rampent as the past few books. It is also nice to see that there seems to be a conclusion on Stephanie’s part to finally pick a side.

Overall, the mystery was a little clunky and I lost interest pretty fast. It wasn’t bad just had too many parts and the Ranger problem was distracting from the main beefy mystery.

I wonder how much longer she can make these go. I really think 20 plus a between the novels is a good place to tie it all up. Why not have Morelli knock her up and that is that. 😉

Now on to the random ramblings. It seems I am destined to be a Children/Youth/Young Adult librarian. I just can’t seem to get enough of them and love to share my passion for the ones I have read. I also have a deep desire to write books for around that age group. Yep.


So Very Behind and Fiction Friday review: The Chocolate Castle Clue.

I am so very behind on my,blog posts right now, yep.

For Water Wednesday, I wanted to report I have been doing grand on hitting and often exceeded my 80 ounces. It is tough some days and my progress is effected by the type of vessal it is in. A few experiments has made me discover I like my water with a straw.
Here is one of my trackers because I thought you would want to see how I was doing such.


Man, I can’t seem to figure out how to rotate the picture on my phone, but you can get the point. I just put them in my journal and color the section as 24 ounces are consumed.

In other news, I really dislike the elliptical. I know it is a fine piece of gym equipment but I just could never get a comfortable stance on it. After some research it does seem it is a piece which is commonly found to not be friendly to someone who is well, short. When I get the chance I want to experience all the ellipitical types to maybe find one I don’t hate as much.

Now for the Fiction Friday part of this post. I recently finished “The Chocolate Castle Clue” by Joanna Carl.
I wish I would have known this book was so deep into a series but that didn’t take away or distract so it work out fine. The mystery here starts when Lee discovers an old trophy from her aunt’s high school days. An odd reaction from a grown woman to the trophy and the long since memories it brings up for Lee’s aunt’s high school singing group The Pier-o-ettes begins to unravel a 40+ year old mystery everyone but his widow as long since forgotten.
The elements of this cozy are pretty standard and Carl’s pace keeps the ball rolling which made this hard for me to put down. Some of clues and neccesary story points did come off a bit forced or clunky but that is not something unknown to anyone who reads a lot of cozys. Overall this book received 4 out of 5 stars and I am looking forward to started from the beginning when I get the time.

Currently Reading: Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins (yes, of Hunger Games fame. This is here first published novel.)