Panic Attacks and the Cat Who Was Bitten

Back in January I mentioned that my sister’s cat was bitten by something and was taking some antibiotics for it. Well, the story continues.

All seemed to be going just fine and he seemed to be healing just fine. After two weeks he was back to himself or so we thought. Flash forward a few weeks and you find him acting lethargic and limping again.

Vet visit number two – we had already decided to take him in that day which is good because over night he developed a bloody hole around his hip. This visit resulted in a 6-inch incision and a fair amount of stitches. They had to go so far because there was a lot of dead tissue and it was their best hope.

Enter “cone of shame” round two. At this point all seemed well and we would just have to wait out the healing time. Oh no, Pash had other ideas. The next day around midday we noticed his eyes were cloudy. So the vet was called. He had us send him some pictures and it was determined it could wait to be looked at until tomorrow. Thankful, both, that it didn’t seem too serious and it wasn’t going to be necessary to go out in Blizzard of Oz Part II we went about our day.

Vet Visit Three: We ended up getting there pretty late in the day mostly because the driveway was a real pain to scoop thanks to the additional tenish inches we received/receiving. This resulted in poor little Pasha receiving three different tests trying to determine why his eyes were cloudy. All three were negative. We were giving eye drops and sent on our way. The cloudiness was completely clear the next day, so who knows what was up with that.

We got by pretty unscathed until Friday when it was discovered there was a tear in his stitches. We had plans to take him in anyway that day to remove the drainage tubes they placed to help remove all that gunk in the wound. We were told it was more or less expected and not to be concerned unless it gets bigger. Can you now guess what happened? Yep, it continually grew bigger. So looks like vet visit five (is that right?) is most likely in the works for today. Oh yay!

I have been an emotional wreck the last week. Insomnia, spells were I just can’t get warm and dry mouth. It seems that little fur ball found the fast track to panic attack major in me. Which really sucks because I had been relatively clear for like three or so months straight. Now the last week has been basically one long continual anxiety attack. Everything is completely and utterly screwed up because of it. Bah! It isn’t his fault, I am just a worrier. Deep breath!

I will let you know if anything changes or whatever in his condition. If you have the time could you say a little prayer or send out good vibes for him. That poor little guy has been through a lot.