Midwest Snow : Feb 21-22

So yep, we were one of the many who saw a foot plus of snow in the midwest the last few days.


Here is the Hubs scooping the driveway. (yes, he scooped sans coat because he is crazy). About the time he got done I brushed off the car, which just replaced the snow he had scooped. I felt do bad.

Since this was the most snow we had had in awhile I decided I would do something I hadn’t done in 15ish years; build a  snowman.

Snow wasn’t 100% perfect for snowmen, so they ended up more like snow animals…but I think they are better that way.


Yep, its a snowy owl (Hedwig) -unplanned- and a snow kitty (originally planned). They were so much fun.

Snowy Owl close-up


Snow Kitty close-up


I ended up pretty much completly covered in snow, but than again I was like knee deep in it.


Going to be warmish tomorrow, so we will see how that goes. There is even a possibilty of more snow late in the weekend. It seems winter has decided it is better late than never.


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