Water Wednesday: Failure with Ounces and Polar Bottle Love Revisited

I did a wonderfully beautiful job with my Water Pledge in January, my February has been drastically different. The most water I get is at the 20+ ounces at the gym. My body is feeling/showing it as well especially in the weight loss department. I have got to get back on track. I know it is tied to a change in schedule. The only thing I really can do is just try to adjust and start holding myself accountable again with trackers, alarms etc. In many ways this could be Water Pledge redux.

A few Wednesdays ago I wrote an ode to my Polar Bottle and I can report my love for them only grows. Last night I popped the dishes into the dishwasher and went about my evening tasks. I was hunkered down in my bed trying to update my workout playlist. I had my netbook on the bed so I just assumed the hot smell was the laptop. I did my thing and finally closed my laptop, but the hot smell didn’t go away and it smelled like candles.

I went around smelling every room but couldn’t discover the source. I was drying pillows but that wasn’t it. Nor was the candle I lit earlier still burning. What on earth was that? I kick myself now for not opening and examining the dishwasher. Oh yes, that is where this is going!

I was washing both the Polar Bottles and their lids and one of the lids jumped ship and landed on the coils at the bottom. Words could not describe the disappointment level that swept through our household when we discovered that melted piece of plastic.

Well, heck what are we to do? Buying a bottle for the lid was silly. All the other lids don’t fit (had a bit of a Goldilocks moment. Too big. Too small.)

I finally got on my phone. I am old enough to remember what it was like before the internet and smart phones and how did we ever live? Googled “Polar Bottle Lid Replacement”.

First result was for FREE lid replacement through the company, no questions asked. Fill out the form and voila. Seriously, FREE? They have a lifetime guarantee on them which includes replacement lids for no cost, not even shipping. Holy heck, I love this company.

Now the hard part is the 5+ day excruciating wait whilst I suffer through an inferior product until my lid gets here. Seriously, invest in a Polar Bottle, NOW!


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