The Tale of Two Kitties

Two wonderful little cats allow us to share their space in this house. We have the shy, little girl cat named Chloe Isabelle and the boisterous boy and part mountain lion (I kid) named Pasha.

Chloe at Christmas

Chloe at Christmas

Chloe came to live with us through Le Hubs brother who thought he was moving and couldn’t afford to take the cat. She was never mistreated just never really got the attention she needed and it caused her to be a little shy. It took her few months after joining use to even learn her name.

Pet Me!

Pet Me!

Pasha tagged along when my middle sister for some reason or another ended up living with us. I kid that he is a part mountain lion because this cat is GIGANTIC.

I knew that it would be difficult to get the two cats to be around each other. Chloe was used to being alone and Pasha was used to having a dog as a playmate. Our first attempt looked like it was going alright but than Chloe just flipped and got very vicious towards me and my husband. Okay, so that is a no go. We than kept Pasha down in the basement, but I always felt bad because he never did seem to get the attention he really needed.

We tried to let him out and that worked for awhile until the last time he got out. It resulted in him getting bit by something and it coming infected. He got really sick and the vet suggested we bring him upstairs to keep a better eye on him. Plus the basement is a bit dirty. We were doing perfectly fine until Pasha started healing and using his litter box more.

"I do not like the cone of shame"

“I do not like the cone of shame”

Most of their interactions have been with a door between them but it is only a matter of time that one either escapes the room or gets into the room. I am just not sure what to do. I would absolutely adore being able to get the two to become buddies but you certainly can’t force an anti-social animal, especially a cat to accept another thing vying for your attention.

I am also not 100% sure how much longer Pasha will be up here in the guest bedroom. It would be nice to have him up here but boy does that cat have the worst poo smell ever. It will literally knock you out if you aren’t careful. Scooping daily is a great option but than what do you do with the poop. Keeping it in the room is a no go, you can’t just put it in your regular trash. Yes, putting out in the outside trash dealy is an option but in certain weather options not the best one.

I know they make  a litter genie which works just like a diaper genie and I covet one for both the cats. The price however, I do not covet. I wish we could get refills for his automatic litter box dealy but man those things are not cheap.

Do you have any suggestions on convincing the two kitties to play nice? A cheap, economical way to keep the nasty litter box smells away? Any advice at all?


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