The Intense Stupidity of the Wall Hung Toilet

Whoever built this house had the “brilliant” idea to install wall hung toilets in both the bathrooms. Wall hung toilets are “popular” because they are easy to clean underneath. Okay, between you and me have you ever thought, “Hmm, I really wish I could clean under this toilet”? No, you probably have not. Why on earth did this stupid flipping things even get invented. It is a total waste of a toilet.

I am feeling especially annoyed by the wall hung right now because my 2013 was started off by me breaking one of the toilets in our house. It completely ripped itself off the wall and crashed to the ground. It seems it was installed too tightly or something and just finally gave out under the stress of people using it. The worst part of this whole fiasco was that I was flipping sitting on it when it happened. So now I have a toilet I can’t flush (and still haven’t – but that is for another time).

Why not replace it, you ask? You think I didn’t think of that? Replacing a wall hung toilet isn’t as simple as replacing a normal floor seated one. Oh, no, not at all. First off the price of one of the buggers is like twice or sometimes three times that of your normal toilet. Plus, you can’t just walk into any old place to find one. They are mostly done by special order and takes a lot of hemming and hawing to get one.

Having the house replumbed to fit a normal toilet is also too costly, so what is a girl to do? Right now we are searching the various Habitat for Humanity Restores around here hoping and praying they might have an old one for cheap. Something has got to happen. Living in a house where three people are sharing a tiny ass bathroom is about to make me want to jump off a bridge, especially because it means the only available bathroom is the Master bathroom.

There has got to be a solution out there that isn’t going to cost me an arm and leg. Anyone, Bueller? Anybody replacing their wall hung and don’t know what to do with their old? I am desperate for a solution and soon.


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