Finally Found an Elliptical I Can Stand…err Sit

Did you know that a sitting elliptical was a thing? I didn’t have a clue, at least not until just recently. One day I was making my journey back to my new favorite stationary bikes and a woman furiously pumping her arms in a recumbent bike position caught my eye. Wait; is that a bike elliptical type thing? It took me a few more gym visits to give it try (mostly because I thought there was only one – there are actually three) and it felt great.


I was doing a combo cardio and strength day last night because for the first time in a month we didn’t go for a day so my ride was a short one. It was a little awkward at first trying to coordinate my arms and my legs but once I finally got into a rhythm it felt great. I really liked the option/workout buster of just using your arms or just your legs. Really switched it up and got my heart pumping. In the 18 minutes of my workout I burned over 100 calories. Comparing that to the usual 150-170 I burn on the exercise bike in half an hour.


What is this magical piece of equipment I speak of, you ask?

xR6000 - Octane Fitness

Click to visit the manufactures website


The xR600 by Octane Fitness.


I had tried one of their regular standing elliptical and although it didn’t annoy my hips/knees as much as the others I had tried I could only go for about five minutes. I liked the way it made me feel I forced my husband to give it a try. He even said he might start rotating it in. I plan to do just that. Either every other cardio day or maybe on those days I am a little less careful with my carbs. I am only human.


It is a giant relief to finally have found an elliptical that I doesn’t make me want to jump off a building. Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit but whoever said ellipticals are good for people with bad knees must not have accounted for bad-kneed short people. Take a torture device and tune it up about a million watts and you get how standing elliptical make me feel. A rhythm cannot be found!


In other fitness related news, I am about two-three pounds away (it depends on which scales starting weight) from having lost 10 lbs. At my current rate I am losing around the 2 lbs/week which is the recommended amount. I can handle that. 


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