It’s February Already?

Holy crackers, where in the world did January go? Didn’t we just celebrate the coming of the New Year, no seriously, wasn’t that like yesterday. Where on earth did last month go?
January was a month of getting fit and staying hydrated, I did a pretty good job at both. I lost around 6 lbs which was pretty on course for the three weeks I really went at it. I also successfully chugged down 80 or more ounces of water for the month, I hope, I got a bit sloppy with my record keeping near the end of the month.
We are also semi-interneted right now, so that will make this whole blog thing mucho easier…at least on the ease of posting side. I was writing all my entries on my phone but that can get tiring and is hard to edit. Hopefully with easier editing and all that jazz I will actually get an entry in daily. Without further ado, here are some pictures from the last month in a lovely collage type layout.

OR NOT…at least for now, I forgot my pictures are unaccessable at this moment. Alas I shall rectify that and get an update on here. Go me!

((EDIT)) Here are those pictures.


TL: My New Years Day consisted of breaking a toilet, snow, coffee and Chloe snuggles
TR: Kitty-cat noses look like hearts
BL: Handsome Pasha before his ordeal with a doggy.
BR: Showcasing the cover I made my husband, DJ Schuby for his recent disc release.


TL: Busted out my sewing machine to make…
TR: this armband dealie to hold my mp3 when I work out
BL: Chloe loves lazy Sundays
BR: Pasha had to wear the cone of shame after being attacked by a dog.


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