Water Wednesday: Water Routines

This week has been a hard one for the water pledge for me. I have made my desired 80 ounces every day but by the skin of my teeth. What I realized was the patterns I had established in the week or so prior got all discombobulated for one reason or another.

I try to get somewhere between 8 – 16 ounces down within a half an hour of waking and the rest of a 24 ounce glass by an hour after waking.

The next 24 often goes with lunch but that is on a good day. I usually find myself slamming it down as we head out the door to workout later in the evening. Right there I just established a weak link in my water routine.

There (working out) 24+ ounces are consumed in the process. Now, here is where I pose a question; is drinking water while you work out (not just after, during) a positive or a negative thing? I don’t really need it during but I do like a swig here or there to keep my throat moist.

The last 8- 24 (80-96 total) comes before bed  mostly be chugging it as I head upstairs.

This routine seems to work but could be improved greatly. What is your water routine? How do you deal with items that alter or throw off your routine? I am really curious to know and am hoping to learn something which will benefit my routine.

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