That Darn Cat and Other Health Related Things

One of the two cats (Pasha) that allow us to share a house with them is feeling a bit poorly. It seems his latest escape attempt found him in a scrap with another animal which ended up in him getting bit. When he returned he was lethargic, walking funny and just not generally himself. The vet said that the wound got infected and caused him to have a fever. They burst the absess and gave us a script for an antibiotic.

So now this silly little cat has to get icky pink stuff shot into his mouth twice daily. And to add insult to injury has to wear a cone of shame.



We will probably be taking him in for another gander at his regular vet sometime next week.
Tomorrow at 9am I am heading up to Lifetime to get what they call a MyHealthScore. Basically a
series of tests to see how my overall health is. I am not expecting to do so well and predicting a score of like maybe 70ish and if that. I guess onmy tomorrow can tell.

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