Books, Booze and Baking (and the Water Pledge)

We are well into 2013 and it is high time I got this blog officially off and rolling. I have been hemming and hawing over the details for the last two weeks and I am starting to get sick of it. The biggest thing I have been stressing over is the name. Books, Booze and Baking was the first thing to pop into my head and it was silly of me to fight it. In all my years of decision making going with the first thing I think about has rarely steered me wrong. This realization changed my life really because I am notorious for poor decision making; agonizing over every detail and weighing every outcome. Picking a meal at a restaurant is often impossible for me but that is neither here nor there right now.

What exactly is Books, Booze and Baking going to mean, you ask? It really should be called Books, Booze, Baking and Beyond but that seems like rather a mouthful.

Here is the run down:

This part probably seems rather self-explanatory. I will discuss, review and facilitate topics about books. I adore reading. I can’t even begin to imagine my life without the written word and am constantly juggling two or more books. This will be a place for reviews of whatever I just finished, author discussions and eventually as we settle in an online book club of sorts. More information will be forthcoming as things get more solid.

I think honestly this is mostly here because I loved the alliteration of it but might as well make use of it. I am not a huge drinker by any means but I do have a soft spot for craft brews especially the homegrown Boulevard line of beers and I always have a bottle or two of wine in my fridge. My question to you is that as a reader what sort of topics  would you like me to cover for this section?

I doubt this will ever turn into a recipe blog but that doesn’t mean I won’t discuss whatever recipe I am currently attempting, although an occasional original recipe may be posted throughout this blog journey. I am a rather adventurous cook and in many ways would rather try to make something in my home instead of purchasing it pre-made. In a couple of days I am going to give homemade fig newtons a try, so that should be interesting. The husband and I are also slowing easing our way into a more Paleo way of life and I will go into greater detail at a later date.

Don’t forget “the Beyond”
I am also in the very slow and arduous but ultimately rewarding process of building a home business. I opened an etsy site a few months back but sales have been a bit dismal, it is difficult to difficult to stand out in a crowd of many. So look out for forthcoming tutorials, current projects and all things craft/creative related.
Beyond here can also mean just random discussions about whatever seems pertinent to me at the moment take my love of British television or my swan collection or my journey through my version of the Happiness Project or whatever. This is the all goes topic area, I can however promise to avoid such topics of religion or politics. I have my opinions on both but here is not the right place to air either of them.

Now that you know a little more about what to expect lets jump into the first topic; Drinking Water.

Water and I have never been very close friends, we have flitting relationships here and there but mostly I would rather reach for something with a little bit of flavor. This goes beyond the sugary soda (which I really don’t drink much anymore anyway) but the flavored coffees –addicted to hazelnut flavored coffee-, juice, sports drinks, tea; pretty much anything that isn’t water. This results in me constantly feeling dehydrated. I don’t think I have been properly hydrated in ten years. Yes, I am well aware of what I am doing to my body and all the benefits getting your daily recommended amount of water can do for you.

I just find water so plain, so boring. But that has got to change, especially now with Hubs and I receiving memberships to Lifetime Fitness for Christmas. I came up with something called the Water Pledge which I am going to take and I urge you to do the same.


How you derive your required amount of ounces is entirely up to you. You could go with your across the board belief of eight glasses at eight ounces each totaling 64 ounces or google a Hydration Calculator and determine your recommended amount that way. According to one calculator I should consume 116.5 ounces of water a day another 120 ounces. That seems like a ridiculously large amount of water, for the sake of my sanity I think will cap it at 80 ounces for a week straight and see how I feel and evaluate than. This may seem to contradict the above pledge a bit but as someone who may consume no more than maybe eight ounces of water in a day, 120 just seems like a grand and lofty goal. 80 is about ten times the amount I normally get in a day.

Remember this is your pledge and you can do it however. Stick with the 64 ounces and increase as you see fit or go all in and try for the number from the calculator. The real aim of this exercise is to create a water habit for the future and beyond.

I hope you join me and start out down the road for a better way of life.

I will discuss my progress and my manor of keeping track next Wednesday, which shall henceforth be called “Water Wednesday”.

Let’s do this!

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