So It’s Been Two Years

I realized it’s been little over two years since I have used this and I miss it. I can’t say I will be consistent but I will at least try to be thorough with my life.



Panic Attacks and the Cat Who Was Bitten

Back in January I mentioned that my sister’s cat was bitten by something and was taking some antibiotics for it. Well, the story continues.

All seemed to be going just fine and he seemed to be healing just fine. After two weeks he was back to himself or so we thought. Flash forward a few weeks and you find him acting lethargic and limping again.

Vet visit number two – we had already decided to take him in that day which is good because over night he developed a bloody hole around his hip. This visit resulted in a 6-inch incision and a fair amount of stitches. They had to go so far because there was a lot of dead tissue and it was their best hope.

Enter “cone of shame” round two. At this point all seemed well and we would just have to wait out the healing time. Oh no, Pash had other ideas. The next day around midday we noticed his eyes were cloudy. So the vet was called. He had us send him some pictures and it was determined it could wait to be looked at until tomorrow. Thankful, both, that it didn’t seem too serious and it wasn’t going to be necessary to go out in Blizzard of Oz Part II we went about our day.

Vet Visit Three: We ended up getting there pretty late in the day mostly because the driveway was a real pain to scoop thanks to the additional tenish inches we received/receiving. This resulted in poor little Pasha receiving three different tests trying to determine why his eyes were cloudy. All three were negative. We were giving eye drops and sent on our way. The cloudiness was completely clear the next day, so who knows what was up with that.

We got by pretty unscathed until Friday when it was discovered there was a tear in his stitches. We had plans to take him in anyway that day to remove the drainage tubes they placed to help remove all that gunk in the wound. We were told it was more or less expected and not to be concerned unless it gets bigger. Can you now guess what happened? Yep, it continually grew bigger. So looks like vet visit five (is that right?) is most likely in the works for today. Oh yay!

I have been an emotional wreck the last week. Insomnia, spells were I just can’t get warm and dry mouth. It seems that little fur ball found the fast track to panic attack major in me. Which really sucks because I had been relatively clear for like three or so months straight. Now the last week has been basically one long continual anxiety attack. Everything is completely and utterly screwed up because of it. Bah! It isn’t his fault, I am just a worrier. Deep breath!

I will let you know if anything changes or whatever in his condition. If you have the time could you say a little prayer or send out good vibes for him. That poor little guy has been through a lot.

Midwest Snow : Feb 21-22

So yep, we were one of the many who saw a foot plus of snow in the midwest the last few days.


Here is the Hubs scooping the driveway. (yes, he scooped sans coat because he is crazy). About the time he got done I brushed off the car, which just replaced the snow he had scooped. I felt do bad.

Since this was the most snow we had had in awhile I decided I would do something I hadn’t done in 15ish years; build a  snowman.

Snow wasn’t 100% perfect for snowmen, so they ended up more like snow animals…but I think they are better that way.


Yep, its a snowy owl (Hedwig) -unplanned- and a snow kitty (originally planned). They were so much fun.

Snowy Owl close-up


Snow Kitty close-up


I ended up pretty much completly covered in snow, but than again I was like knee deep in it.


Going to be warmish tomorrow, so we will see how that goes. There is even a possibilty of more snow late in the weekend. It seems winter has decided it is better late than never.

Water Wednesday: Failure with Ounces and Polar Bottle Love Revisited

I did a wonderfully beautiful job with my Water Pledge in January, my February has been drastically different. The most water I get is at the 20+ ounces at the gym. My body is feeling/showing it as well especially in the weight loss department. I have got to get back on track. I know it is tied to a change in schedule. The only thing I really can do is just try to adjust and start holding myself accountable again with trackers, alarms etc. In many ways this could be Water Pledge redux.

A few Wednesdays ago I wrote an ode to my Polar Bottle and I can report my love for them only grows. Last night I popped the dishes into the dishwasher and went about my evening tasks. I was hunkered down in my bed trying to update my workout playlist. I had my netbook on the bed so I just assumed the hot smell was the laptop. I did my thing and finally closed my laptop, but the hot smell didn’t go away and it smelled like candles.

I went around smelling every room but couldn’t discover the source. I was drying pillows but that wasn’t it. Nor was the candle I lit earlier still burning. What on earth was that? I kick myself now for not opening and examining the dishwasher. Oh yes, that is where this is going!

I was washing both the Polar Bottles and their lids and one of the lids jumped ship and landed on the coils at the bottom. Words could not describe the disappointment level that swept through our household when we discovered that melted piece of plastic.

Well, heck what are we to do? Buying a bottle for the lid was silly. All the other lids don’t fit (had a bit of a Goldilocks moment. Too big. Too small.)

I finally got on my phone. I am old enough to remember what it was like before the internet and smart phones and how did we ever live? Googled “Polar Bottle Lid Replacement”.

First result was for FREE lid replacement through the company, no questions asked. Fill out the form and voila. Seriously, FREE? They have a lifetime guarantee on them which includes replacement lids for no cost, not even shipping. Holy heck, I love this company.

Now the hard part is the 5+ day excruciating wait whilst I suffer through an inferior product until my lid gets here. Seriously, invest in a Polar Bottle, NOW!

Fiction Friday Review and Other Ramblings

I recently finished Janet Evanovitch’s newest Plum novel”Notorious Nineteen” and I was pleasantly suprised by it. Yes, it had its Ranger/Morelli drama but it wasn’t as insane and rampent as the past few books. It is also nice to see that there seems to be a conclusion on Stephanie’s part to finally pick a side.

Overall, the mystery was a little clunky and I lost interest pretty fast. It wasn’t bad just had too many parts and the Ranger problem was distracting from the main beefy mystery.

I wonder how much longer she can make these go. I really think 20 plus a between the novels is a good place to tie it all up. Why not have Morelli knock her up and that is that. 😉

Now on to the random ramblings. It seems I am destined to be a Children/Youth/Young Adult librarian. I just can’t seem to get enough of them and love to share my passion for the ones I have read. I also have a deep desire to write books for around that age group. Yep.

An Ode to My Polar Bottle


Red (Le Hubs') - Green (mine)

Polar Bottle, how do I love thee, let me count the ways?

I love thee for your insulated sides that keep things cold

My constant workout companion and easy to hold

Your size options keep me well hydrated

Your 20oz fits my bike holder with lots of room to spare

You come in lots of colors especially my favorite green

The Polar Bottle is probably the best water bottle I have ever seen

Soon I hope to have a 24 oz to keep my love some company.

Pop you in the freezer and make you nice and chill

Your water spout is not a struggle to open like some others

If I am gone too long anything else would be too much of a bother

What did I ever do without you in my life oh dear Polar Bottle?

Corny and horribly written poem aside, I truly do love my Polar Bottle. I get really sad when it isn’t clean and I have to take something else. I didn’t have my own until last weekend and was always borrowing Le Hubs’ (much to his consternation) and now my new one is like my baby (and Hubs happy his is back). If you need a great water bottle I highly suggest getting one from Polar Bottle. Here is their website: I think one of their custom design ones might be in my future. Maybe. Shop around for I have seen them a bit cheaper in stores.

When I am not using my Polar for a workout I really enjoy my 24 ounce Tervis Tumbler but that is for another post. Do you have a favorite way to hydrate? Have you ever tried those Bobble bottles which are popular? They just seem so flimsy.

Not affiliated or sponsered, I just really love my Polar Bottle.

The Tale of Two Kitties

Two wonderful little cats allow us to share their space in this house. We have the shy, little girl cat named Chloe Isabelle and the boisterous boy and part mountain lion (I kid) named Pasha.

Chloe at Christmas

Chloe at Christmas

Chloe came to live with us through Le Hubs brother who thought he was moving and couldn’t afford to take the cat. She was never mistreated just never really got the attention she needed and it caused her to be a little shy. It took her few months after joining use to even learn her name.

Pet Me!

Pet Me!

Pasha tagged along when my middle sister for some reason or another ended up living with us. I kid that he is a part mountain lion because this cat is GIGANTIC.

I knew that it would be difficult to get the two cats to be around each other. Chloe was used to being alone and Pasha was used to having a dog as a playmate. Our first attempt looked like it was going alright but than Chloe just flipped and got very vicious towards me and my husband. Okay, so that is a no go. We than kept Pasha down in the basement, but I always felt bad because he never did seem to get the attention he really needed.

We tried to let him out and that worked for awhile until the last time he got out. It resulted in him getting bit by something and it coming infected. He got really sick and the vet suggested we bring him upstairs to keep a better eye on him. Plus the basement is a bit dirty. We were doing perfectly fine until Pasha started healing and using his litter box more.

"I do not like the cone of shame"

“I do not like the cone of shame”

Most of their interactions have been with a door between them but it is only a matter of time that one either escapes the room or gets into the room. I am just not sure what to do. I would absolutely adore being able to get the two to become buddies but you certainly can’t force an anti-social animal, especially a cat to accept another thing vying for your attention.

I am also not 100% sure how much longer Pasha will be up here in the guest bedroom. It would be nice to have him up here but boy does that cat have the worst poo smell ever. It will literally knock you out if you aren’t careful. Scooping daily is a great option but than what do you do with the poop. Keeping it in the room is a no go, you can’t just put it in your regular trash. Yes, putting out in the outside trash dealy is an option but in certain weather options not the best one.

I know they make  a litter genie which works just like a diaper genie and I covet one for both the cats. The price however, I do not covet. I wish we could get refills for his automatic litter box dealy but man those things are not cheap.

Do you have any suggestions on convincing the two kitties to play nice? A cheap, economical way to keep the nasty litter box smells away? Any advice at all?

The Intense Stupidity of the Wall Hung Toilet

Whoever built this house had the “brilliant” idea to install wall hung toilets in both the bathrooms. Wall hung toilets are “popular” because they are easy to clean underneath. Okay, between you and me have you ever thought, “Hmm, I really wish I could clean under this toilet”? No, you probably have not. Why on earth did this stupid flipping things even get invented. It is a total waste of a toilet.

I am feeling especially annoyed by the wall hung right now because my 2013 was started off by me breaking one of the toilets in our house. It completely ripped itself off the wall and crashed to the ground. It seems it was installed too tightly or something and just finally gave out under the stress of people using it. The worst part of this whole fiasco was that I was flipping sitting on it when it happened. So now I have a toilet I can’t flush (and still haven’t – but that is for another time).

Why not replace it, you ask? You think I didn’t think of that? Replacing a wall hung toilet isn’t as simple as replacing a normal floor seated one. Oh, no, not at all. First off the price of one of the buggers is like twice or sometimes three times that of your normal toilet. Plus, you can’t just walk into any old place to find one. They are mostly done by special order and takes a lot of hemming and hawing to get one.

Having the house replumbed to fit a normal toilet is also too costly, so what is a girl to do? Right now we are searching the various Habitat for Humanity Restores around here hoping and praying they might have an old one for cheap. Something has got to happen. Living in a house where three people are sharing a tiny ass bathroom is about to make me want to jump off a bridge, especially because it means the only available bathroom is the Master bathroom.

There has got to be a solution out there that isn’t going to cost me an arm and leg. Anyone, Bueller? Anybody replacing their wall hung and don’t know what to do with their old? I am desperate for a solution and soon.

Finally Found an Elliptical I Can Stand…err Sit

Did you know that a sitting elliptical was a thing? I didn’t have a clue, at least not until just recently. One day I was making my journey back to my new favorite stationary bikes and a woman furiously pumping her arms in a recumbent bike position caught my eye. Wait; is that a bike elliptical type thing? It took me a few more gym visits to give it try (mostly because I thought there was only one – there are actually three) and it felt great.


I was doing a combo cardio and strength day last night because for the first time in a month we didn’t go for a day so my ride was a short one. It was a little awkward at first trying to coordinate my arms and my legs but once I finally got into a rhythm it felt great. I really liked the option/workout buster of just using your arms or just your legs. Really switched it up and got my heart pumping. In the 18 minutes of my workout I burned over 100 calories. Comparing that to the usual 150-170 I burn on the exercise bike in half an hour.


What is this magical piece of equipment I speak of, you ask?

xR6000 - Octane Fitness

Click to visit the manufactures website


The xR600 by Octane Fitness.


I had tried one of their regular standing elliptical and although it didn’t annoy my hips/knees as much as the others I had tried I could only go for about five minutes. I liked the way it made me feel I forced my husband to give it a try. He even said he might start rotating it in. I plan to do just that. Either every other cardio day or maybe on those days I am a little less careful with my carbs. I am only human.


It is a giant relief to finally have found an elliptical that I doesn’t make me want to jump off a building. Okay, I may be exaggerating a bit but whoever said ellipticals are good for people with bad knees must not have accounted for bad-kneed short people. Take a torture device and tune it up about a million watts and you get how standing elliptical make me feel. A rhythm cannot be found!


In other fitness related news, I am about two-three pounds away (it depends on which scales starting weight) from having lost 10 lbs. At my current rate I am losing around the 2 lbs/week which is the recommended amount. I can handle that. 

It’s February Already?

Holy crackers, where in the world did January go? Didn’t we just celebrate the coming of the New Year, no seriously, wasn’t that like yesterday. Where on earth did last month go?
January was a month of getting fit and staying hydrated, I did a pretty good job at both. I lost around 6 lbs which was pretty on course for the three weeks I really went at it. I also successfully chugged down 80 or more ounces of water for the month, I hope, I got a bit sloppy with my record keeping near the end of the month.
We are also semi-interneted right now, so that will make this whole blog thing mucho easier…at least on the ease of posting side. I was writing all my entries on my phone but that can get tiring and is hard to edit. Hopefully with easier editing and all that jazz I will actually get an entry in daily. Without further ado, here are some pictures from the last month in a lovely collage type layout.

OR NOT…at least for now, I forgot my pictures are unaccessable at this moment. Alas I shall rectify that and get an update on here. Go me!

((EDIT)) Here are those pictures.


TL: My New Years Day consisted of breaking a toilet, snow, coffee and Chloe snuggles
TR: Kitty-cat noses look like hearts
BL: Handsome Pasha before his ordeal with a doggy.
BR: Showcasing the cover I made my husband, DJ Schuby for his recent disc release.


TL: Busted out my sewing machine to make…
TR: this armband dealie to hold my mp3 when I work out
BL: Chloe loves lazy Sundays
BR: Pasha had to wear the cone of shame after being attacked by a dog.